California Town Digs Out of the Mud as Deaths Reach 19

By voanews.usa
2018.01.14. 09:07
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Recovery crews are slowly making progress digging away masses of mud, boulders and toppled trees in a California community that was ravaged by deadly mudslides. Officials said they’ve removed enough debris from creek canals to prevent another potential disaster when the next rainstorm hits.

Workers were using backhoes, jackhammers and chain saws to clear the debris in Montecito, nearly a week after a powerful storm sent flash floods cascading through mountain slopes that were burned bare by a huge wildfire in December. At least 19 people have been killed and five others remain missing.

In addition to trying to find those who are still missing after Tuesday morning’s storm, crews have made it a priority to clear debris from basins and creek canals before another rainstorm. Long-range forecasts gave the crews about a week before the next chance of rain — and potential new mudslides — although the precipitation was expected to

voanews.usa - California Town Digs Out of the Mud as Deaths Reach 19

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