Iran Lifts Restrictions on Messaging App Telegram

By voanews.middleeast
2018.01.14. 03:27
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Iran has lifted restrictions on the messaging app Telegram, the state news agency IRNA reported on Saturday.

The popular service had been blocked during recent public protests, the most serious nationwide unrest in the Islamic republic since 2009.

"An informed source announced that the filtering of the Telegram messenger has been ended and it is being used by users," IRNA reported. 

The AP news agency said it had spoken with residents in several cities, including Shiraz, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Rasht, and Oromieh, all of whom confirmed that they had access to the app. 

Earlier this month, Iran shut down Telegram and the picture-sharing app Instagram, claiming protesters were using them to spread unrest.

At least 22 people were killed and 1,000 others arrested in the anti-government protests that began in late December, sparked at first over rising consumer prices. 

As the protests subsided, Tehran last week lifted restrictions on Instagram. 

Many Iranians access Telegram using virtual private

voanews.middleeast - Iran Lifts Restrictions on Messaging App Telegram

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