More Protests in Tunisia on Arab Spring Anniversary

2018.01.14. 11:37
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Unions and political parties are calling for another day of demonstrations Sunday in Tunisia, after a week of protests in the capital and across the North African country, fueled by rising frustrations with the country's social and economic issues.

Sunday also marks the seventh year since Tunisia's Arab Spring uprising that toppled President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after 23 years in power.

"Work, Freedom and Dignity," the slogan chanted seven years ago has been invoked again this past week for the demonstrations.

"The revolution brought nothing concrete to our daily lives, which only get worse and worse," said Fatma Ben Hassine. "The politicians, whose only concern is their comfort, leave us in despair."

WATCH: Report Protests Erupt Again in Tunisia, Cradle of 2011 Arab Spring

On Saturday, Tunisia announced plans to increase aid for poor families by $70.3 million, after days of protests over austerity measures.

“This will concern about 250,000 families,” Mohamed Trabelsi, minister - More Protests in Tunisia on Arab Spring Anniversary

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